Exciting things going on today in our facebook group

Good morning all!! As I have said before, I feel like I am cheated if I have to pay full price for anything I purchase! lol So I am always looking for discounts!

Years ago I saved tons with coupons and have fallen off the wagon with that now lol. My aim every year is to finish my CHRISTmas shopping in Oct. This year this seems so much easier with my new venture!

In our group today there is going to be a lot of activity for HUGE deals, and if we reach 500 members, I will be giving away a gift card!!! (No purchase necessary) so if you are not a member yet, head over there and register to win and take advantage of huge savings!

We have been saving on retro toys lately and it is soooooo nice to see all of the toys we had growing up. I was so blessed with an AWESOME childhood and this if bringing back so many fond memories!!Do you remember the Dick and Jane readers from elementary school?? I posted them last night!the first edition, set of 6! Ahhhh, the memories of Ms. Clara Thomas and Ms. West in first grade!!! Both are no longer with us, but they left a huge imprint in my mind!!!

Just a few minutes ago here is the link I posted to save BIG!!! https://amzn.to/2qWyxGK?fbclid=IwAR223E8AUT08so-tjwsl27djVg-3RS53kTNlDwI97Grg49fHus5rhiipRVA You save a HUGE amount on this!!!!! LOVE!! (Commissioned Link)

So, I am headed back to the group and posting many, many more deals all day long, come join us!!!! Spurlock Creek Creations and DEALS: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1102281333304288/permalink/1122163484649406/

Remember, click follow here, ( let me know ), join my group, and don’ forget to register to win the gift cards!!

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