Good Tuesday morning

I love mornings! I have so much more energy and concentration, and can get so much done! I don’t know about you, but it just feels like a brand new beginning. As I shared my first deal a dear friend called me (One thing you will learn about me is that I love the LORD ) I have the BLB on my phone and she was telling me about the King James Version audible app. This is going to help me so much in my daily devotions and scripture reading. I began with Genesis 1 earlier.

As I started sharing my deals this morning in the group, I came across this and everything came to a halt. lol I totally love the Echo Dot, and this one will really come in handy in the kitchen, of course they are handy for many many things, but with this I can hunt recipes up and can see it clearly, so this all in one place. I usually hunt things up on my phone and have it there, but this is going to be so much more convenient. I may sell my other Echo Dots, lol. Take advantage of this daily deal before it’s gone! https://amzn.to/2NMrbNA (commissioned link)

Your support of my new venture means sooooooo much and thank you for being here on the site, I can’t believe I actually created a website myself hahahaha, guess you can teach old dogs new tricks after all. lol

I chalk home decor and this one is $8 ( shipping to be determined. Contact me )

My group is Spurlock Creek Creations and deals, and the creations part is being added slowly. Here are the first two I shared yesterday.

The back. The top pic is the front. This is for sale for $18. The cutting board is such good quality!

Any of the home decor you see can be sealed to make it permanent or not so that you can change it up whenever you like. If you love creating things yourself and have never tried making your own home decor using chalk paste and transfers, contact me and I’ll anwer any questions you may have. I honestly never thought of myself as creative until I came across this! I have created many items and sold several. This would be a great gift ( chalk paste, ink, transfers, projects you see of mine ) to give this holiday season. Chalking has become a favorite thing of mine to do and I will be getting to CHRISTmas projects soon as time allows.

I hope each of you have a splendid day! and keep watch here for many other additions. I have a couple of things that will be added here very soon that I feel will help a TON of people!! Click on the facebook tab above and head to the group and join if you haven’t. We reached 500 members on the first and growing! Tons of deals posted there to save you money, and one lady has already won a $25 gift card! #spurlockcreekdeals

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