Chalking fun!

Good morning world! As we all know, we have been told to practice social distancing. Our children are out of school, places of entertainment pretty much are all closed, restaurants are closing their dining areas, grocery store shelves are bare, and we as Americans have not ever experienced anything such as this in our lifetime. I urge each of you to practice social distancing so we can nip this virus in the bud and our lives can get back to normal very soon.

Last year I was introduced to the crafting world. I had never considered myself crafty but when I came across chalking I fell in love and really shocked myself by seeing how easily I could create something beautiful for my home to decorate with. High end home decor! Me! Lol

Chalking is sooooo simple that even a small child can do it. It washes off with water too, so if they get it on anything it comes right off.

Now that we are all home, events cancelled, schools closed, people working at home instead of their workplace, we all are trying to find something creative and fun to do. This company even has the letters of the alphabet your child can learn at the same time of having fun crafting

Click on my link and see how many potions there are to create high end home decor at a VERY reasonable price. Their surfaces are beautiful and the chalk paste can be used to chalk on many many surfaces that you already have at home.

While you’re there, check out these brand new stencils! Love love love these!!

I’m loving the new stencils.


I will be posting how to instructions later today if you are completely new to this craft.

CAUTION: you will more than likely become addicted to this and be searching all over your home what you can create/chalk on.

If you are looking for a relaxing past time this will do the job. Looking for extra income?? You can sell the things you make !! How cool 😎 is that?? You can even join us and make extra commissions.


No matter how you decide to enjoy this chalking fun, I can tell you that this is a wonderful thing to craft with while your children are home full time.

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